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Fire Takaful

The constant worry of property ownership is that an unexpected event may occur and the recovery would result a significant loss. Buying a fire takaful offers wide protection from additional risks in addition to covering fire. Get your property covered now and get recovery advantage in case of an unforeseen event

What item can be covered?

Which incidents can be covered?

Basic Cover:

Optional Covers:

Burglary Takaful

Keep your mind at ease with the Burglary Takaful Policy, which ensures that your property is protected against any loss or damages caused by theft, through actual, forcible and violent entry to, or exit from, the premises.

Guest House Takaful

The Guest House Takaful is especially a designated cover tailer-made in consideration with the risk factor involve in the operation of guest houses. Whether you have established your guest house or are embarking on a new adventure, we will take care of all your business’ insurance needs.

Guest House Takaful covers:

Additional covers:

Takaful Business Cover

Takaful Business Cover is a comprehensive plan that guarantees that your business gets back on track, moving forward stronger than before, despite damages or business interruptions caused due to calamities.

This Takaful is for:

The coverage includes:
Losses or damages caused due to;

Free covers:

Hotelier Takaful

Owning a business that provides a constant service to its customers is no easy feat. Let us lessen your cares with our Hotelier Takaful, leaving you free to attend to the needs of your esteemed guests.

Hotelier Takaful is an All Risk cover which covers:

Business Interruption Takaful

This Takaful scheme will indemnify the participant against losses resulting from a temporary shutdown because of fire, lightning, explosion or any other peril covered in the policy. The Standard Policy covers loss of Gross Profit

due to:

Public Liability Takaful / Commercial general Liability Takaful

This Takaful guarantees that an organization is protected against legal liabilities (or liability at law) to third parties. This includes accidental bodily injury, as well as any loss of or damage to property that occurs in connection with the organization.

Money Takaful

The Money Takaful is designed to provide an extensive coverage to protect the risk involve in handling of money by the businesses.

Coverage includes:

Fidelity Takaful

An insurance policy that ensures the protection of employers against any financial losses incurred, resulting from the fraudulent or dishonest operations carried out by employees.

Machinery Breakdown Takaful

The Machinery Breakdown Takaful Scheme covers SUDDEN and UNFORSEEN damage to the Machinery.

This Takaful covers;

Electronic equipment Takaful

The Electronic Equipment Takaful provides basically an “all risks” cover in respect of loss or damage to Electronic Equipment at a specified situation.

These items can be covered under this Takaful;

Plant All Risks Takaful

Plant All Risks Takaful provides basically an “all risks” cover in respect of loss or damage to the Machinery at a specified situation or within the Territorial Limits defined in the policy

This Takaful covers;

This Takaful covers any damages caused due to; Cover in respect of loss or damage to the Machinery at a specified situation or within the Territorial Limits defined in the policy.

Group personal accident Takaful

Our Group personal accident Takaful is a tailor-made scheme suitable for businesses to ensure their valuable employees are always taken care of. Our Group Personal Accident cover offers an annually renewable death and living benefit cover for groups, including:


Bond is a guarantee issued by insurance companies to third parties on behalf of the insured (participant) assuring the fulfillment of the undertaking contracted by the third party and the insured (participant).

Types of Bonds can be issued:

This Takaful covers any damages caused due to; Assuring the insured the protection promised in the beginning of the contract period.

Contractors All Risk Takaful

The Contractor’s All Risk Takaful is a full option insurance policy for all builders that provides protection against any sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to structures that are being constructed, or to materials on site.

The cover provided under this Takaful Scheme is of two sections.

Erection All risks Takaful

This Takaful scheme provides a comprehensive form of cover on MACHINERY undergoing assembly, erection and movement/transport into site of erection and subsequent testing and commissioning.

Marine Hull Takaful

In Maldives, higher occurrence of unanticipated incidents results due to unforeseen variations to sea perils and reckless riding of vessels which causes huge losses to marine owners. Due to such losses it’s essential to safe guard your vessels against the risk involve in the sea transportation.

What item can be covered?

What are the coverage options?

Comprehensive Cover: Coverage provided when the vessel incurs a partial damage above deductible which can be repaired and also when vessel goes totally loss.

Total Loss Cover: Coverage provided if only vessel goes totally loss. Which incidents can be covered?

Cargo Takaful - Takaful Easy Marine

Easy Marine from Amãna Takaful guarantees the safe transportation of your imports and exports, from the point of origin to its final destination. This policy can be customized to suit your requirements.

Protection & Indemnity Takaful

Tailor-made to protect ship-owners and those who charter vessels, who may be held liable for loss or damages, this policy provides protection against claims made by third parties.

Group Surgical and Hospitalization Takaful

Our Group Surgical and Hospitalization Plan is an affordable medical scheme that offers your employees and their families an optimal security in the event of medical intervention that is covered by the policy. This plan offers the serenity of going through medical care in an extensive range of geographical locations.


Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

Medical for SME’s is a very comprehensive health takaful coverage offered with extended limits especially designed for employees of small to medium sized enterprises at an affordable price. With the most affordable health insurance cover at your doorstep. It is prudent to be proactive to overcome the financial burden of an uneventful hospitalization.



Coverage Limit (MVR)
Inpatient 175,000
Outpatient 5,000
Overall annual limit 180,000

Geographical limit

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