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About Us

About Us

Amana Takaful Maldives PLC is your premium Takaful service provider, for all your insurance needs. As the pioneers of providing the Islamic solution for insurance in Maldives, we offer a myriad of insurance premiums for both personal and business needs of our esteemed clientele. Incorporated in 2003, we are currently the only publicly quoted insurance company on the Maldives Stock Exchange (MSE).

Vision Statement

"To be a world-class Takaful service provider"

In terms of product and services, we at Amana Takaful take pride in benchmarking our delivery of value to that of world class service providers, whilst upholding the principles of Takaful. Our delivery will reach all our stakeholders including customers, staff, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and the community at large.

Mission Statement

"Providing total Takaful solutions within the guidelines of Shari'ah and serving all in an admirable manner"

The Board of Directors

Our esteemed panel of Board of Directors, is drawn from a cross-section of industries. Their proficient expertise and in-depth experience have made a monumental contribution to developing Takaful, and continue to carry it to greater heights.

Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Mr. Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Mr. Tyeab Akbarally is the Chairman of the Company and a founding Board Member. He is also a Director of Akbar Brothers Ltd., the largest tea exporter in Sri Lanka. Mr. Akbarally’s business interests extends to a wide sector of the economy, including travel, hotels, garments and trading.

Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Mr. Osman Kassim - Director

Mr. Osman Kassim is one of the main advocates, and the visionary behind the Amãna Group of Companies. He has been actively involved from the initial conceptualization of Amãna Takaful PLC and continues to partake in the decisions in determining and formulating the strategic path of the group as a whole.
He is also the Chairman of the Expolanka Group of Companies, which has grown phenomenally under his tenure. Mr. Kassim is also the Chairman of the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), Sri Lanka.

Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Mr. Dato’ Mohd Fadzli Yusof - Director

Mr. Dato’ Mohd Fadzli Yusof has been on the Board of Directors since the beginning. He was the Founder / Chief Executive Officer/Director of Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad, the first Takaful operator in Malaysia and Asia since its incorporation in 1984, until his retirement in 2005. Mr. Yusof has been integral in developing Takaful in the Malaysia region.

Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Mr. Mohamed Haniffa Mohamed Rafiq - Director

Mr. M.H.M. Rafiq has been on the Board of Directors since the Company’s inception and has been involved in the insurance industry for over four decades. His expertise are remarkably diverse and extends to education, healthcare and real estate. Drawing from his abundant knowledge and experience in this industry, Mr. Rafiq plays an active role in Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC.

Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Mr. Abdullah Kassim - Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Abdullah Kassim has been appointed as the Independent Non-Executive Director to the Board of Directors at Amana Takaful PLC, with effect from May 2017. As a young business leader with an aptitude to take up challenging assignments, Mr. Kassim was instrumental in the turn-around of Neptune Papers, a recycling operation in Sri Lanka, which was in distress at the point when he stepped in. His diversified interests also motivated him to successfully establish Saffron Foods (Pvt) Ltd, a state-of-the-art industrial kitchen. Formerly the Head of Business Development of Expo Lanka Holdings PLC, he was part of the core team that propelled the company from a privately held business to a publicly listed company. Mr. Kassim holds a First Class (Hons) Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Staffordshire University - UK and Masters (MSc) in International Business & Management from Manchester Business School, University of Manchester - UK.

Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Mr. Hareez Sulaiman - Managing Director

Mr. Sulaiman joined Amãna Takaful PLC in 2002 as the Internal Auditor. His keen business acumen ensured that over the years, he progressed through various positions within the Company, contributing to its growth. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC, is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) UK, and holds an Honors Degree in Accountancy from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Tyeab Akbarally - Chairman

Dr. Abdullah Shiham Hassan - Independent Director

Dr. Abdullah Shiham Hassan was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2012. Dr. Shiham is the Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Shari’ah Law and the Head of the Law Department at Maldives National University. He is also an active member of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs’ Fiqh Academy of Maldives. Additionally, he was an Advisor to the Maldivian Monetary Authority (MMA) from 2008-2010, specializing in the introduction of Islamic Finance in the Maldives.
In 2009, he was actively involved in the establishment of the Institute of Islamic Finance, Maldives (I.I.F.M) and is currently the Managing Director and a Lecturer of the institute. Dr. Shiham holds a PhD. in Law from the International Islamic University of Malaysia, specializing in Islamic Banking Regulatory and Supervisory. In addition to this, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Comparative Laws from the Islamic University of Malaysia, specializing in Islamic Insurance (Takaful) and attained his Bachelor of Law from the University of Tasmania, Australia.

Management Team

Our highly-qualified Management Team is comprised of proactive and skillfully trained professionals, dedicated to ensure that Amãna Takaful remains at the head of the Takaful insurance industry. Their excellent service, coupled with the knowledgeable expertise they offer our clients, has been the foundation of our continuous growth and success.

Hareez Sulaiman - Managing Director

Hareez Sulaiman - Managing Director

When Hareez Sulaiman joined Amãna Takaful Limited, Sri Lanka as the Internal Auditor in 2002, the Islamic finance industry was still in its infancy. His extensive audit experience in international firms, backed by the sound knowledge in finance, enabled him to make his career progression in the realm of “Takaful”, within a very short period of time.

In 2003, Amãna Takaful – Sri Lanka, decided to expand its national boundaries and picked Hareez to spearhead the Maldivian operation. The organisation which started off as a foreign branch-office with just two members of staff, grew from strength to strength under his charismatic leadership. Today, Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC is not just the pioneer in Islamic finance in Maldives but also the only public quoted insurance company in the country.

Ibrahim Riyaz – General Manager

Ibrahim Riyaz – General Manager

Ibrahim Riyaz joined Amãna Takaful Maldives in 2017. Prior to joining, he has worked for both public and private sectors for the past 25 years. A business development consultant by profession, he has pursued numerous assignments from conceptualising business plans, diagnosing organisational dilemmas to crafting strategies in his consulting career.

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Australian Institute of Business.

Imran Ramzan – Head of Sales and Marketing

Imran Ramzan – Head of Sales and Marketing

Mohamed Imran Ramzan joined Amãna Takaful Group in 2006 and has been serving Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC over a decade with utmost dedication. He has a span of over seven years of experience in Client Relationship Management and Hospitality prior to joining Takaful Industry which awarded him the highest sales performance in multiple years.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Sunderland, UK and he also has an Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from BTEC Edexcel, UK.

Shakir Mohamed – Head of Operations

Shakir Mohamed – Head of Operations

Shakir Mohamed has been serving Amãna Takaful Group for over a decade and was seconded to Maldives in 2007 from Amãna Takaful PLC, Sri Lanka. He has served the Company in various positions during his career including Head of Finance and is presently serving as Head of Operations.

He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance from IIBI (UK), Diploma in Malaysian Insurance Institute (DMII), and is also a Life Member of Association of Accounting Technician of Sri Lanka.

Mohamed Siraj Nizam – Head of Finance

Mohamed Siraj Nizam – Head of Finance

Siraj Nizam, joined Amãna Takaful Group in 2002, and was seconded to Maldives in 2013. He has over 15 years of experience in Accounting, Finance as well as Treasury and he has progressed through various positions during this period.

He holds a CIMA Advance Diploma in MA, UK and also holds an Award in Financial Planning with CII UK.

Asif Mohamed – Head of HR and Administration

Asif Mohamed – Head of Human Resources

Asif Mohamed joined Amãna Takaful Maldives in 2006 and he has served more than a decade in the Industry. He has an extensive knowledge and experience acquired over the years of service in cross-functional areas of business and management.

He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance from Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI), UK and an Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from BTEC EDEXCEL, UK.

Shari’ah Board

Here at Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC, we pride ourselves on taking the utmost care to ensure, that every aspect of our business adheres to Shari'ah principles.

The role of our Shari’ah unit is to guarantee that our staff adheres to the highest standards in operational practices and principles in relation to both Takaful and Islamic Finance, through a series of regular training sessions. In addition, they conduct Shari’ah audits, provide valuable advice to the Board of Directors and ensure all new products are compliant with the principles of Islamic Finance.

Mufti M. I. M. Rizvi

Mufti Rizvi is the President of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema and is highly respected for his scholarly advice. He is a Graduate from the University of Jamiha Uloom Islamiyah, Karachi, Pakistan, where he qualified in Ifta. One of the pioneering scholars in the field of Islamic Banking & Finance, he is a member of the Shari'ah Advisory Council for a number of Islamic Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka.

Mufti Shafiq Jakhura

Mufti Jakhura is a student of Mufti Taqi Uthmani, and a graduate of Madrasa Taaleemuddeen, Isipingo Beach and of Darul Uloom Karachi, specializing in Fiqh and Ifta. He currently serves as vice-Mufti at the Darul Ihsan Centre and runs the Centre for Islamic Economics & Finance in Durban.

Sheikh Ali Zahir Bin Saeed Qasim

Sheikh Qasim is the Dean of Faculty of Islamic Studies at Maldives National University. He is a graduate from the Islamic University of Madina, where he qualified in Hadhees. He has also completed his Masters in Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Heritage (Fiqh and Usool Al-Fiqh) from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

The Takaful Concept

Takaful is the Islamic solution for insurance, and is a risk management concept that is based on mutuality and partnership that works on the principle of pooling donations together, to create a fund that safeguards the interests of all members. Making a contribution to a Takaful Insurance policy guarantees that you become a member of a common pool of funds. As a result, you are entitled to the cumulative benefits that apply under the rules of that fund. This concept allows individuals to collectively help each other in times of need, while distributing risks amongst a larger pool of people, whereby minimizing the risk borne per person.


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